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For  the Berens am Kai, Kaistraße 16, 40221 Düsseldorf, 

According to § 28 BDSG I object to any commercial use and disclosure of my data.

Area of ​​responsibility The imprint applies only to the website at the address:

Delimitation The website is part of the WWW and is accordingly linked to third-party websites that can change at any time, which are therefore not subject to this area of ​​responsibility and for which the following information does not apply. The fact that the links violate neither customs nor laws was checked exactly once: before they were included here.

Responsible contact person Berens am Kai GmbH,Holger Berens Kaistraße 16, 40221 Düsseldorf, 

VAT number:DE247206150

Fast electronic and direct communication Tel 0211 3006750

Copyright protection and use The author specifically grants you the right of use to make a private copy for personal purposes. However, you are not entitled to change the materials and/or pass them on or even publish them yourself.

Design and text C. Ötztürk

Technical implementation C. Ötztürk

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